Software Engineer

San Francisco, California, United States · Engineering


At SwiftStack, we’re creating a purpose-built object storage system to help companies store, manage, and access the petabytes of data they generate in the course of their business. We are primary contributors to OpenStack Swift, the open-source object storage software which powers some of the world’s largest object storage clouds. Layered on top of that, our SwiftStack Controller provides intelligent monitoring capabilities, meaningful enterprise integrations, and sophisticated orchestration tools to help our customers with cluster bringup, management, and evolution. Together, they are a powerful combination that gives our customers a scalable, modern storage system on top of commodity hardware and built for their needs.

Help bring massive, scalable storage to the world at large. Build on top of OpenStack. Write Python. Change the world!

We are looking for a talented and energetic software developer to help us free the world from expensive, proprietary data storage solutions. To do this, we're leveraging OpenStack, one of the most important Open Source projects in existence. We're one of the most active contributors to Swift, OpenStack's object storage system. Swift is all Python, as is the rest of our stack. Do cool things in the language that you love!

As an engineer at SwiftStack, you'll work at all levels of our stack, and take on tasks that will challenge you and broaden your capabilities. In any given week, you might:


We hire primarily for talent rather than highly specific skills, but you will definitely get our attention if you


SwiftStack is technology company where every engineer has a significant impact on customer experience and company success. With influence over open source and an innovative commercial product, SwiftStack has achieved notoriety as a company disrupting the huge market that is storage infrastructure. In the past 4 years, we’ve assembled a sharp, fun-loving, and talented team here in our San Francisco office, and we’d love for you to be part of our growing team in San Francisco and Cupertino.

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