Software Engineer, File Systems

San Francisco, California, United States · Engineering


At SwiftStack, we are building a platform that makes data manageable and portable between public and private clouds. In the process, we’re tackling some incredibly difficult and interesting data storage and management problems, including the creation of transparently scale-out object storage, distributed file systems, and effectively leveraging metadata in our customer's workflows. If you are looking for challenging problems to solve, we have plenty to share!

Our product has extended its reach into network file server protocols and filesystem semantics. We’re building an elite team of software engineers with experience in file systems, distributed computing, and high performance networked servers to pioneer a new entry in the SwiftStack product line.


You are a talented experienced developer with a strong subset of the following skills and attributes:

You’ll get us particularly excited if


SwiftStack is technology company where every engineer has a significant impact on customer experience and company success. With influence over open source and an innovative commercial product, SwiftStack has achieved notoriety as a company disrupting the huge market that is storage infrastructure. In the past 4 years we’ve assembled a sharp, engaged, and talented team, and we’d love for you to be part of our growing team in San Francisco.

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